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It takes 21 days to change or develop a habit. Prosperous thinking leads to prosperous results. Once the mind expands, it can never go back. 

In this training, you’ll learn how to intentionally focus on prosperity to make it a habit which will train your mind to be more aware of prosperity already happening in your life and how to bring more of it to you. 


As a result of this training, you’ll have a more positive outlook on your life and experiences, transform your way of thinking, and have the support of a coach who teaches from experience to ensure you get real results.


Ready to shift your mindset and welcome prosperity into every area of your life so you can manifest the things you want?

Here's What's Included

Exclusive Client-Only Online Community

Group of Women

Be around like-minded people and celebrate their success as they celebrate yours. I call us the “Prosperity Posse”.


Client Testimonials


Jawanna G.


Charleston, SC

"Thank you for all that you have done. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the 21 Day Prosperity Challenge. I fell off in the beginning, I was distracted, but then I refocused my energy on what I truly desired.

I literally spoke my salon suite into existence.  I happened to open up Facebook and saw 2 available for rent. I went and met with the owner and instantly the Holy Spirit said YES!"

Inspirational Speaker | Author | Law of Attraction Coach

I help women who are tired of working hard to get the things they want out of life, who may be stuck mentally, to break free of their limiting beliefs and open their mind to prosperity - by leveraging the Law of Attraction to manifest everything they desire in every area of their life!


As a result of working me, my clients have manifested love, plenty of money, their dream homes, opportunities, successful careers and businesses, retiring from their 9-5, a better spiritual life, and so much more!


I'm looking to coach women who are ready to:

manifest everything they desire in every area of their lives, enjoy life with the people that they love, and experience the life of their dreams now!

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Meet Brittney

Frequently Asked Questions...


What is the price? How much does it cost to work with you? Do you offer a payment plan?


The price will be displayed when enrollment opens. Join the waitlist for notifications.


Payment installment options are available through Sezzle, PayPal and Affirm. You will have the option to checkout and apply to pay in installments when enrollment opens. Please note, I have no control over the approval process with Sezzle or Affirm because they are third-party companies.



How long do I have access to the course?


When you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the course, Facebook community, and any upgrades. You can restart the 21 Day Prosperity Challenge whenever you feel you need to.


Do I have to show up at a specific time for class?


No. The 21 Day Prosperity Challenge program is self-paced. However, the modules are released daily from the 1st to the 21st when class begins. Each module is released 8AM EST. You are expected to do each challenge daily so you do not fall behind in the course. The video module is about 5 minutes long and worksheets are provided for each day. 



Do you offer a guarantee or refund?


The only thing I guarantee is that if you do not show up and do the work you will not be successful. With the amount of training I offer, there's no way that you will not be successful. If for some magical reason you are doing the work and still don't see results, more coaching will be provided. I am serious about getting you real results because when you win, I win, therefore we win! There are no refunds.



Why you? What makes your program different?


Because my story is your story. I've been where you are and I'm now where you want to go. My teachings come from my life experiences and that's what makes me different. I've been there, done that, helped other people do, and have #receipts to prove it! I don't teach from theory or hype, only true personal experiences.



Why invest when there's free info on YouTube and Google?


Good luck with that! If you have more years to add to your life to do research, then go through trial and error be my guest. But that's still not free. It's costing you time wasted and energy to figure it out. It's so much out there, it's easy to get lost in the sauce. I've done all that over the past 11 years. Let me be your shortcut. Yes I've succeeded and failed so I'm only going to teach you what work so that you get real results quickly. If you have another 10 years, go ahead. But if you don't, I can change your life in 30 days.

Do you teach others how to become a Law of Attraction/Manifestation Coach?

I do not. Everything I teach in my courses are from personal experience. My experience cannot be duplicated. I teach using my own methodologies and frameworks that I created to make it easier for my clients to learn the information. Upon enrolling you will need to sign a contract that states, "Brittney Inspires LLC owns all of the content and information provided in this course. By enrolling, you agree to not share or republish any of the information or legal actions will be taken against you as all of the material is copyrighted." If you are wanting to become a Law of Attraction/Manifestation Coach, this is not the course for you.


Do I have to have already had success with the Law of Attraction to work with you? What is the Law of Attraction exactly?


Nope. I break my course down so simply that even a kid could understand it. I don't know what you know so I start from the basics as if you don't know anything, and then we build until you know everything. I have a video on my YouTube channel of what is the Law of Attraction, you can click here to watch it.



Is the Law of Attraction going against God?


Absolutely not! Everything I do is faith-based. To be honest the Law of Attraction is all throughout the bible, you just have to know how to interpret it. 


I've heard people say "people replace prayer with manifesting". That is the furthest thing from the truth. You manifest THROUGH prayer. It's actually one of the techiques I teach during the course.


I'm not here to challenge or change anyone's belief system, and I'm definitely not in the business of convincing. As long as you believe in some type of higher power that's bigger than you as your source, you can have success with this information. 

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