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It takes 21 days to change or develop a habit. Prosperous thinking leads to prosperous results. Once the mind expands, it can never go back. 

In this training, you’ll learn how to intentionally focus on prosperity to make it a habit which will train your mind to be more aware of prosperity already happening in your life and how to bring more of it to you. 


As a result of this training, you’ll have a more positive outlook on your life and experiences, transform your way of thinking, and have the support of a coach who teaches from experience to ensure you get real results.


Ready to shift your mindset and welcome prosperity into every area of your life so you can manifest the things you want?

Here's What's Included

Exclusive Client-Only Online Community

Group of Women

Be around like-minded people and celebrate their success as they celebrate yours. I call us the “Prosperity Posse”.



Carla D.



"I have found my tribe in life. I have been feeling so much better, happier, everything since taking this challenge. I really feel supported and like God heard my prayers and frustrations!! And YES- I’m manifesting things I never have before!! My whole life has turned to positivity!"

Client Testimonials

Inspirational Speaker | Author | Law of Attraction Coach

I help women who are tired of working hard to get the things they want out of life, who may be stuck mentally, to break free of their limiting beliefs and open their mind to prosperity - by leveraging the Law of Attraction to manifest everything they desire in every area of their life!


As a result of working me, my clients have manifested love, plenty of money, their dream homes, opportunities, successful careers and businesses, retiring from their 9-5, a better spiritual life, and so much more!


I'm looking to coach women who are ready to:

manifest everything they desire in every area of their lives, enjoy life with the people that they love, and experience the life of their dreams now!

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