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Terms & Conditions

Course Expectations

By enrolling in the 21 Day Prosperity Challenge, you are expected to participate in the Facebook community and complete the action steps in order to achieve results. All of the course material will be available for you to review at your convenience. This is an online program where the focus is to help you shift your mindset and achieve  results within 21 days. If you fully commit to the course and don't see results within 21 days, additional coaching support will be provided. Results may vary.


You are expected to respect other members in the group and keep confidentiality as personal things may be shared.



You agree to pay the full amount of the program. You understand that there are NO REFUNDS. Your success depends on you. As the coach, Brittney Clement's responsibility is to teach you the course material and your responsibility is to implement the information and use it to transform your life.



Brittney Clement reserves the right to include quotes or summaries of reviews or comments from any member including their name and image related to their enrollment in the Heaven On Earth course.



All communication between you (Client) and Brittney Clement (Coach) is to be done via email and/or Facebook community group. Please do not communicate via Facebook messenger as this is a group coaching course and not 1-on-1 coaching.


Intellectual Property

Brittney Inspires LLC owns all of the content and information provided in this course. By enrolling, you agree to not share or republish any of the information or legal actions will be taken against you.

 Copyright 2017-2022. Brittney Inspires LLC. All rights reserved.
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