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Prosperous You!

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5 Tips For Getting What You Want, When You
Want It

We all have desires that we want to manifest, but when life gets in the way its hard to stay positive and focused on our goals. Download my FREE GUIDE to learn how to make your dreams a priority so that you can bring them to fruition and live the life that you deserve!





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Meet Brittney


Inspirational Speaker | Author | Law of Attraction Coach

I help women who are tired of working hard to get the things they want out of life, who may be stuck mentally, to break free of their limiting beliefs and open their mind to prosperity - by leveraging the Law of Attraction to manifest everything they desire in every area of their life!


As a result of working me, my clients have manifested love, plenty of money, their dream homes, opportunities, successful careers and businesses, retiring from their 9-5, a better spiritual life, and so much more!


I'm looking to coach women who are ready to:

manifest everything they desire in every area of their lives, enjoy life with the people that they love, and experience the life of their dreams now!

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Helping You Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality




How To Overcome The Obstacles Of Life

Statistic To Success was written for Brittney to share her story of proven success of how she struggled and overcame the challenges of her life. Becoming a mother of 3 by the age of 21, statistically she should have been on government assistance and never amounted to anything. Brittney refused to let what others may have seen her as be her reality. She knows that your current circumstances does not determine your reality. In this book, Brittney goes deep within as she shares some of her most secret and intimate moments in life that she's never shared with anyone. Brittney believes her story will inspire others to live their best lives and turn their dreams into a reality!


"Brittney is a dynamic speaker with clear articulate messaging. She provides an uplifted motivational presentation. Furthermore Brittney provides great details of her past challenges and current outstanding opportunity, while encouraging others to live their own dreams regardless of their age!" 

Lady Julie Sanders

Hope Presbyterian Church of Chicago

"We had the pleasure of inviting Brittney Clement to come out and mentor our young girls on life skills and turning their dreams into reality. Brittney’s professionalism and mannerism allowed the mentorship to become lifelong. She spoke of how self-power, integrity, and honesty are vital to success. We highly recommend using Brittney to inspire, mentor, and coach others on lifelong skills."


Girls In Real Life Situations

Mt. Zion Elementary School

"Brittney is what every ministry needs. She is dependable and we never have to ask her twice. She is accountable and we know whatever tasks she sets out to do will be completed well. She is a motivator who encourages others to exceed their normal potential for exceptional results. Brittney Clement is an outstanding orator and inspirational speaker!" 

Pastor Ronald Grant

Abundant Life Church Of God In Christ

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